💸 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offer

Which retailers qualify for this promotion?

Purchases made through Playbackbone.com, Playbackbone.ca, Playbackbone.com.au or through the official Microsoft Store qualify for a 3 month Game Pass Ultimate trial.

Purchases through other authorized retailers (including Amazon) qualify for a 1 month Game Pass Ultimate trial.

How do I redeem my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer?

Once you've received your Backbone One in the mail, just snap in your phone and open up the iOS Backbone App to activate the offer. We'll provide you with your unique code and will guide you through the redemption flow. Don't hesitate to get in touch at support@playbackbone.com.

Does the offer apply to existing or previous Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers?

Unfortunately, no. The offer is only available for new subscribers purchasing a Backbone One.

Where is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming available?

Cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available in 22 countries across North America and Europe, plus South Korea. Visit xbox.com/regions for details. More countries will be added over time.

What games are available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Most titles in the Xbox Game Pass library are available to play on your mobile device directly from the cloud. For an up-to-date list, please visit the Xbox game library.

🔑 Compatibility

Which iPhones are compatible with Backbone One?

iPhones supporting iOS 13 or newer will work. You can see a full list of supported models here. Please note that you can also request an adapter for a better experience on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models. Print for free here or email support@playbackbone.com.

Does Backbone One work with Android?

At this time, Backbone One only works with the iOS devices listed here. There is no Android version at this time.

Does Backbone work with iPads?

At this time, Backbone One only works with the iPhone models listed here.

Can I use headphones with the Backbone One?

Yes, you can use any 3.5mm with Backbone or Bluetooth audio with your iOS device.

Can Backbone One work in conjunction with Bluetooth?

Yes, you can use your Apple device’s Bluetooth capability while it's snapped into Backbone One. In fact, playing on Backbone One while using AirPods makes for a highly enjoyable and portable gaming experience.

Is there an age requirement for using Backbone?


Backbone One (the controller) does not require the app to work and is great for players of all ages! The controller works inside any game that supports game controllers (Minecraft, Roblox, Apple Arcade games, etc.).

However, much like iMessage, Fortnite, Discord, Houseparty, and most other social apps, the Backbone app requires you to be 13 or older because it is for voice chat and playing with friends. Apple requires users to be 13 or older to use Sign In With Apple and ensure online safety.

The team is working hard to create a version of the app for kids that ensures online safety guidelines are met and we expect to release it pretty soon!

👾 Games

Which games can you play on Backbone One?

Backbone One offers high-quality gameplay for all your favorite games that support controllers. This includes the most popular titles like Call of Duty®: Mobile, Minecraft, and most Apple Arcade games.

In addition, Backbone is also compatible with the remote play feature in the Xbox app as well as the PlayStation Remote Play app. Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Shadow, Rainway, and GeForce Now are all also supported.

For a list of current compatible games, please check here. We are constantly updating this page with great games! If we missed a game or we didn't get it right, please contact us at feedback@playbackbone.com

How do I add or remove a game from my Backbone app?

To add a game, ensure the Backbone app is active before returning to the home screen to launch the relevant game, once the game is launched then simply press the Backbone button and this will add the game to your Backbone launcher. This can also be done for certain services, such as Xbox and PlayStation Remote play.

To remove a game, the game must still be installed prior to removing from Backbone app. Ensure the Backbone app and the game you want to remove are launched, then go to iOS Settings - iPhone Storage - Select relevant game - Select Offload App. Then return to Backbone app and select A with the relevant game highlighted, this will then remove that selection. You can view a video outlining this process here.

Is Backbone One compatible with Xbox remote play and PlayStation remote play?

Yes. Backbone One will work with any game or app that supports controllers.

Do I need the Backbone iOS App to use Backbone One?

The Backbone iOS app is not required for your Backbone One to work with games. However, the Backbone One iOS app offers a rich, community-driven experience that we think you will really love! The Backbone iOS app also seamlessly delivers software updates to your Backbone One so you are never out of sync with the incredible updates and enhancements our talented engineering team is hard at work on!

Will I be able to play games that do not support controllers?

Backbone One offers high-quality gameplay for all your favorite games that support controllers. As the mobile game market continues to mature and game publishers expand the number of titles that are supported by controllers, players will be able to enjoy an even greater number of games with Backbone One.

🎮 Backbone One

How big is the device?

Please see our tech specs here.

With the various features that make playing and sharing with friends seamless and easy (such as Rich Presence), are there any concerns with privacy? Can you deactivate this feature?

The Backbone iOS app features that enable playing with friends are entirely opt-in. If players want to use Backbone One only for solo gameplay, they absolutely can.

How do I add or remove a friend?

To add a friend, navigate to the Backbone app Menu - Add Friend icon - search for your friend by name or username. Or you can find friends from your phone number and contacts by going to Menu - Find Friends.

To remove a friend, navigate to the Backbone app Menu - scroll down to relevant friend - select and view profile - remove friend.

My phone gets warm while using Backbone One. Is this normal?

If you're new to mobile gaming, you will learn, this is normal, especially when you're hard at play. Backbone One itself consumes a negligible amount of power, but your phone is working hard to run graphically intense multiplayer games, and your device will eventually return to a regular temperature when you stop.

Thermal results will vary based on your phone's age, graphical requirements of the game you're playing, your connection type, battery charge status, and more.

Do I have to remove my iPhone from its case to use a Backbone One?

Yes. Backbone One is a form-fitting controller for your iPhone and to be a precision input device, it has to firmly hold on to your iPhone. As a result, you will need to remove other iPhone attachments (especially the protective cases that change the dimensions of your phone).

We designed Backbone One to avoid compromising on gameplay at all costs. We’re so confident in the improved experience of playing mobile games that Backbone One delivers, that we think players will be happy to remove their cases to enjoy Backbone’s benefits.

Do I need to charge Backbone One?

No, Backbone One does not have a battery! Backbone One draws minimal amounts of power from the iPhone. It’s power consumption is imperceptibly low. The degree of Backbone One’s power consumption is so trivial that you could leave Backbone One plugged into your phone overnight without any discernible change in your phone's battery life.

That being said, games running on your phone can consume considerable amounts of power due to things like graphics, networking, and audio. Therefore, recognizing that battery life is critical to gaming on mobile devices, we’ve designed a pass-through Lightning port on the Backbone One to allow for charging your phone while playing.

Are the thumb-sticks (joysticks) clickable?

Yes, Backbone has clickable thumbsticks L3/R3. Not all games have functions mapped to these buttons, it is more common to see these used in PC/console games (e.g., game streaming to the phone).

Usually left stick button is mapped to some kind of character run movement, and right stick mapped to character movements such crouching or melee attack. This, of course, depends on the game.

🎞 Content Creation

Can I stream to YouTube or Twitch while playing on Backbone One?

Yes. The best way to stream Backbone (and iOS games in general) is by using AirPlay 2 to mirror your iPhone to an Apple TV, and connecting your Apple TV to a capture card setup like an El Gato HD60S. This enables low latency streaming with high resolution and high frame rate (60FPS) on tvOS 14 and iOS 14.

If you don't own an Apple TV and a capture card, you can also use the Streamlabs app to stream directly from your phone.

What screen recording quality does Backbone One support?

Backbone One offers powerful game recording tools through the Backbone iOS app. On high-end devices, Backbone currently supports up to 1080p 30 FPS game recording at up to a 20mbps bit rate. Videos can also be encoded with h265 for file sizes that are as much as half the normal size without sacrificing quality.

Can I also record my voice when recording gameplay?

Yes. When you record your gameplay, your party audio is also recorded so you can relive all your epic moments.

🎃 About Backbone

What inspired you to create Backbone One, and why is now the right time?

Mobile gaming makes up nearly the majority of the massive gaming market. In 2019 alone, mobile games generated $68.5B. While tech companies jockey to become the “Netflix of gaming,” there is much emphasis on bringing high-quality games to mobile devices, but not enough on making mobile gameplay feel high-quality. Backbone fills several holes in the mobile gaming landscape.

Who are the designers and manufacturers behind Backbone One?

Backbone One was designed by © Backbone Labs, Inc.

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